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After a discussion about which is the right qualification for you, make an application by using the form found here. Once we have received this we will issue an invoice to you by email for payment.


Payment can be made by cheque or BACS. You have the option to make a payment in full or to make staged payments across the length of the programme. Costs and payment details can be found here.

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Your Learning Agreement and CIPD Registration

You will receive your learning agreement from Busec and a notification from the CIPD regarding student membership. Payment for this is made directly to the CIPD.

Click here for CIPD Membership Details

Access Online Learning Centre

This is your e-portfolio for saving all your work plus resources to support your study. Once the invoice is paid you will receive your username and password for access to your portfolio. Your adviser will also be informed you are ready to start studying and will contact you to organise your first meeting.

Attend Workshop

You are invited to attend an induction workshop to support your qualification. Details and dates of the workshops can be found here.

Click here to view our workshops 

Choose Optional Modules/Units

At the start of your qualification you will be encouraged to think about the optional modules/units you would like to study.  Details can be found within the relevant qualification pages of the website, within the online learning centre, or by emailing


Once each module/unit is completed you will submit your coursework through your online learning centre. Your adviser will give feedback on draft and completed coursework.

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Verification Process

As part of the CIPD quality assurance procedures your work will be verified by both Busec and the CIPD. This is a standard procedure for all qualifications.

Qualification Claim

Once your study is complete Busec will go through the administrative process to claim your qualification from the CIPD. This can take 6-8 weeks from the end of the verification process.

Receive Your Certificate

Congratulations! You are now CIPD qualified! If you wish to continue your studies or discuss further studying options please contact us on 01730 710055 or via email

Book a place on a workshop

Contact us today or call us on 01730 710055 to speak to an adviser