CIPD Learning & Development Qualification

Whichever level you are considering, choosing to become qualified as a CIPD learning and development (L&D) practitioner affords the opportunity of being able to apply the latest L&D research and thinking to your role and the overall business performance of your organisation.

L&D practitioners sit at the forefront of innovation; where digital, social and collaborative approaches are changing the landscape of learning. Understanding how creative digital learning is transforming traditional design and delivery methods has become critical to the success of businesses and organisations, and students of the CIPD’s L&D qualifications find their career prospects enhanced with this recognised professional qualification.

Associate membership of the CIPD builds professional standing and profile, while offering the opportunity to establish live networks of industry professionals through engagement with CIPD branch networks, and Busec’s L&D community via Linkedin.

CIPD Level 3 Learning & Development Foundation Qualification
This CIPD Level 3 learning and development qualification is a great way to develop your skills and knowledge of Learning and Development best practice. You’ll also understand how your role can add value to your organisation.
  • An L&D co-ordinator
  • A line manager
  • Anyone working in training and/or a trainer
  • Anyone who is responsible for designing and delivering training and learning activities

  • CIPD Qualifications are valued by employers
  • They are flexible to meet your needs
  • They boost your earnings potential
  • They increase your knowledge for professional membership
  • They can and should help practitioners move their career forward
  • They support moving into specialist and strategic roles
  • They focus on L&D in a wider business context

Award 2 months Certificate 8 months Diploma 12 months
CIPD Level 5 Intermediate Learning & Development QualificationThisIntermediate CIPD Learning and Development qualification is ideal for those looking to develop their career in the L&D sector, and those aspiring to become a professional member of the CIPD.Working through each unit, you will learn how to evaluate the effectiveness of different L&D models, whilst increasing your knowledge and experience of L&D in a wider context.
  • Developing a career in Learning and Development
  • Working in the field of Learning and Development at adviser or manager level
  • Managers who want to make a career move into Learning and Development
  • Managers in SMES’ leading on L&D
Award 3 months Certificate 12 months Diploma 15 months
CIPD Level 7 Advanced Human Resource Development QualificationIf you’re in a senior position, and are responsible for the learning and development on an operational, tactical and strategic level, then the Level 7 Advance HRD (Human ResourceDevelopment) qualification is for you.
  • L&D Managers
  • Senior L&D Practitioners
  • L&D Consultant
Award 3 months Certificate 12 months Diploma 24 months

Things to know

  • What we mean by ‘distance learning’

    Face-to-face sessions:  At Busec ‘distance learning’ means we work with you, wherever you are based. When you join us you are paired-up with a personal tutor, who supports you to complete your qualification.  Location permitting, your personal tutor will come and meet you in person to plan assignments. If location does not permit this easily; you may both decide to meet over a live link (Skype, webcam, whatsapp, facetime). Our tutors work inside and outside office hours and across time zones. When you sign-up with us, we take your brief, and then pair you up with a tutor who matches your needs.

    Help planning assignments: As with all learning, there is a component of ‘self-managed study’ that you will need to factor in; your tutor will help you plan for this and contextualise your work, in circumstances where practical observations and role-play form part of the assignment requirements. In addition to meetings in person, we also work by email and by telephone. Workshops are available for group bookings, please speak to us to find out more.

    Cloud-based submission: All students at Busec are provided with cloud-based course folders on a learning platform from which to submit assignments. Our folders carry links to rich data and live-updated research and resources, so that students have everything they need to hand, to help them complete assignments well and on deadline.

  • The time it takes to complete a qualification

    Each level and qualification ‘type’ comes with a set learning period; click here for further information.

    When you are ready to start, you will be supported to create your own timetable for your studies. Your personal tutor will help you make sure you factor in good time for work and other responsibilities.

    >As soon as your schedule is confirmed; you can then get on with your learning. Your tutor stays with you for the duration of your programme, helping you plan and complete assignments while supporting you to keep on track with your time-management.

    Most students who create a schedule in advance, complete their studies within the time they want to.

    Extensions to the learning period may be accessed by students with mitigating circumstances and we are able to offer some variations to submission formats for people who require reasonable adjustments. Extra-time for students who exceed the set learning period can be allocated on a discretionary basis. In such circumstances it is likely there will be an additional fee to pay. Click here for further information.


Level 3 Specification

The specification, which you can find here, contains further information on the content and subjects, the structure, credits, and total qualification time (TQT) for the qualification.


Level 5 Specification

The specification, which you can find here, contains further information on the content and subjects, the structure, credits, and total qualification time (TQT) for the qualification.


Level 7 Specification

The specification, which you can find here, contains further information on the content and subjects, the structure, credits, and total qualification time (TQT) for the qualification.