CIPD Qualifications show commitment, help you advance your career and make you stand out

A CIPD qualification helps you build professional reputation daily, giving you recognition to underpin key decisions you need to take at work while building trust as a validated member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. Accreditation also brings with it the opportunity to build a network for yourself in the human resource and learning & development industries, helping you make decisions and create solutions through collaboration with peers that can otherwise be hard to source.

How would you like to study?


This plan is for people looking for an independent study option that takes as its starting point affordability and ease of access and is only available to students registering for the Level 3 and Level 5 programmes.

Students on the essential plan are guided to work independently through our online learning platform and will be invited to a bi-monthly drop-in clinic with our student care manager to discuss their progress and any requests they may have. Feedback and final assessment is delivered at the end of each unit completed, provided by the quality assurance and assessment, core team members.


This plan is for people who are time-poor and are looking for maximum flexibility. It takes as its starting point a set schedule of concentrated bursts of interactive learning delivered via video conferencing facilities.

A programme based on a schedule of one-to-one assignment planning sessions per unit or module taken, delivered over social conferencing platforms.


This plan takes as its starting point deep learning through individual, one-to-one sessions with an individually allocated personal tutor.

A programme based on meetings in person with your own, dedicated tutor who provides core coaching and learning support to guide you through your programme. Your tutor will be available to you as you wish, with prior agreement. We follow recommended guidelines but do not limit the time you and your tutor choose to spend together.

Remote conferencing: Subject specific remote conferencing workshops are held throughout the year and are available to premium plan students by request. Conference workshops are agreed when 3 or more students have requested the same subject.

(Price in green is VAT inclusive)
(Price in green is VAT inclusive)
(Price in green is VAT inclusive)
Foundation Award£248 (£297)£264 (£317)£330 (£396)
Foundation Certificate
£1,571 (£1,885)
£1,676 (£2,011)£2,095 (£2,514)
Foundation Diploma
£2,048 (£2,447)£2,184 (£2,621)£2,730 (£3,276)
Intermediate Award£454 (£545)£484 (£581)£605 (£726)
Intermediate Certificate
£2,141 (£2,569)£2,284 (£2,741)£2,855 (£3,426)
Intermediate Diploma£2,723 (£3,267)£2,904 (£3,485)£3,630 (£4,356)
Advanced AwardN/A£860 (£1,032)£1,075 (£1,290)
Advanced Certificate
N/A£2,812 (£3,374)£3,515 (£4,218)
Advanced DiplomaN/A£4,620 (£5,544)£5,775 (£6,930)

Students paying in advance can access a 10% discount. For self-funding students only, we are able to offer an interest-free instalment plan.

CIPD Qualification cost

How much does a CIPD qualification cost? Fees based on a sliding scale depend on level and type of qualification chosen and learning programme preferred. The range runs from £6,300 down to £252 (VAT inc). We offer interest-free installment plans, with discounts available for self-funding students eligible for concessionary rates. If you would like to find out more, drop us a line and we would be delighted to help work out the best price plan for you.