HR Intermediate Qualification Units and Rules

Diploma in Human Resource Management = 44 credits (QCF)

All core units (this includes 5HRF as a core unit) 24 Credits from optional units; 18 credits from 5RST, 5RMT, 5IVP, 5ENG, 5DER, 5EML, 5ODG, 5ODT, 5SDL maximum of 6 credits from 5LMS, 5ICM, 5UFS, 5CNS

Certificate in Human Resource Management = 32 credits (QCF)

All core units and 18 credits from optional units; 12 Credits from 5RST, 5RMT, 5IVP, 5ENG, 5DER, 5EML, 5HRF, 5ODT, 5ODT, 5SDL, maximum of 6 credits permitted from 5LMS, 5ICM, 5UFS, 5CNS

Award – a free choice of units from the tables below (minimum 3 credits, maximum 12)

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Core UnitsCredit Value
5DVPDeveloping Professional Practice4
5CHRBusiness Issues and the Contexts of Human Resources6
5UINUsing Information in Human Resources4
Group A Optional units - 18 credits for Diploma level and 12 credits for Certificate levelCredit Value
5RSTResourcing and Talent Planning6
5RMTReward Management6
5IVPImproving Organisational Performance6
5ENGEmployee Engagement6
5DERContemporary Developments in Employment Relations6
5EMLEmployment Law6
5HRFManaging and Coordinating the HR Function (core unit for Diploma)6
5ODGOrganisation Design: Implications for Human Resources6
5ODTOrganisation Development: Implications for Human Resources3
5SDLHuman Resources Service Delivery3
Group B Optional Units – maximum of 6 creditsCredit Value
5LMSDeveloping leadership & management skills6
5ICMImplementing coaching and mentoring6
5UFSUsing facilitating skills6

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