How We Work

Getting started

There are no fixed start dates for any of the CIPD programmes of study we offer.  Once we have received payment we can register you immediately as a student and will then:

  • Invite you to attend one of our regularly held free one day Introductory Workshops which will help you to gain an overview of the qualification you are studying and better understand our supported learning approach.  You will make a start on the core units and come away with work that contributes to the learning outcomes and a clear route map for your way forward with the qualification
  • Assign your expert assessor-coach to you who will make contact with you to arrange an initial face to face meeting and who will be responsible for supporting you throughout the duration of your study
  • Register you as a user on our Online Learning Centre and send you login details and a password

Working with your assessor-coach

Once your registration is complete, your assessor-coach will make contact with you in order to arrange your first one to one meeting, at which you will:

  • Discuss your current role and circumstances in order to explore your options for how best you can meet the learning outcomes
  • Discuss and agree the timescale within which you would like to work and which optional units you might be interested in
  • Set deadlines for the first pieces of work you would like to tackle
  • Complete your learning agreement with Busec
  • Agree the date for your next meeting
  • Plan one or more units or modules

Via subsequent meetings, telephone and e-mail contact your assessor-coach will help you choose and plan additional units and discuss any particular challenges you are facing, so that the overall programme can be adapted if necessary.

Using the Online Learning Centre

In between meetings you will submit work in either draft or final format to your assessor-coach, via the Online Learning Centre [OLC] and will receive written feedback via the OSC within ten working days of receipt unless otherwise agreed in advance. The OLC is straightforward and intuitive to use and provides you with everything you require, other than recommended texts, to complete your studies online, eliminating the need for bulky paper based records and costly postage / courier costs.   It automatically displays a real-time overview of your progress, has a secure message facility and is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection enabling you to work wherever and whenever is most convenient for you.

Meeting the learning outcomes

Our supported learning approach means we can help you meet the learning outcomes for each unit in a number of different ways.

Validating work based experience

We can validate recent work-based experience which means that you can present materials which you have been responsible for producing as part of your job and use these to demonstrate your understanding of some or all of the unit learning outcomes

Assessment of assignment based study and research

For each qualification, we offer the opportunity for those students without the relevant work-based experience to complete assignments which require independent study and research.  For the research projects, we encourage students in employment to work with their employers in order to identify activities of relevance to the organisation, so that the study process can add value directly back into the business. For the advanced qualification 50% of the learning outcomes for each module must be met through an assignment.

Workshop attendance

For some units we offer workshops, participation in which can be used to evidence students’ ability to demonstrate their understanding of the relevant issues and thereby meet the required learning outcomes.  Workshops are provided by Busec at no extra cost. Information on workshops that we regularly provide can be found via the following links:

CIPD Approved Centre