CIPD Intermediate Qualifications

This is a qualification at the undergraduate level (level 5) that bridges the gap between Foundation and Advanced qualification.

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Qualification Options

  • Intermediate level Award in Human Resources Management or Human Resources Development – completion of one to three units (3-12 credits)
  • Intermediate level Certificate in Human Resources Management or Human Resources Development – completion of three core units plus minimum of three optional units (32 credits)
  • Intermediate level Diploma in Human Resources Management or Human Resources Development – completion of four core units plus minimum of four optional units (44 credits)

Who is it for?

The CIPD’s new intermediate level qualifications are suitable for individuals who are:

  • Developing a career in HR Management and Development
  • Working in the field of HR Management and Development at adviser or manager level
  • Managers who want to make a career move into HR Management and Development
  • Managers in SMES’ leading on HR

Working through the course you will develop the ability to evaluate the effectiveness of different HR and L&D models and practices whilst increasing your knowledge of the external factors that impact on HR and L&D activities in organisations. You will also develop planning, analytical and problem-solving skills.

Meeting the learning outcomes

Delivery is flexible.  This means you can meet the learning outcomes by presenting and reflecting on your previous and current work experience; submitting assignment/research based work and/or attending one of our workshops.

What do you gain?

  • A recognised qualification
  • Improved access to a competitive job market
  • Improved skills and knowledge of HR/L&D
  • Eligibility to apply for Associate Membership of the CIPD for those completing the Certificate/Diploma and who are working at an appropriate level in an organisation

How much does it cost?

Staged payments Paid in full at outset of course (10% discount)
Intermediate Level Award (12 credits) £1780 + VAT £1602 + VAT
Intermediate Level Certificate £3410 + VAT £3069 + VAT
Intermediate Level Diploma £4040 + VAT £3636 + VAT
For fees for individual units please contact us

How long will it take?

A motivated student able to allocate approximately 15 study hours per month will be able to complete an Intermediate Level Certificate within 13 months.

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