CIPD Advanced Workshops

We deliver our workshops at a variety of locations in London, Exeter, Swindon and Petersfield.  Many students find it helpful to meet and network with their peer learners and the trainers on these occasions, and all hospitality is provided free of charge on the day.

Introductory Workshop

This one-day workshop will enable you to:

  • Meet and network with other learners
  • Knowledge of the resources available to support you as a candidate
  • Knowledge of how to use Online Learning Centre
  • Understand and develop post-graduate study skills
  • Plan work towards 3 modules
  • Identify a relevant business issue to research
  • Access and refer to appropriate literature, HR policy and practice
  • Select and use appropriate research methods
  • Develop and present a persuasive business report

7HRC – Human Resource Management in Context
7LMP – Leading, Managing and Developing People

Exam Preparation Workshop

This one-day workshop encompasses:

  • Revision and exam strategies, planning and hints
  • Principles of tackling case studies and short answer questions
  • Practice case study and short answer exam questions
  • Submission of practice papers

You will be sent a case study and some short answer questions to prepare draft responses in preparation for the workshop.

Case Study Preparation Workshop

This is a half-day workshop two weeks before the 7HRC and 7LMP exam in which you will:

  • Analyse a case study to identify potential exam questions subjects
  • Identify and discuss key theory and practice in relation to the case study
  • Identify and share sources of wider reading in relation to the case study
  • Prepare a PESTLE and SWOT for the case study

The workshop is based on the case study for the actual exam which will be sent to you by CIPD four weeks before the exam.

You will need to attend two workshops on two separate occasions for 7HRC and 7LMP.